Optimizing Sea Freight Tenders

Increase the efficiency of your sea transports multiple-fold with eFrexx

Purchasing sea transports worldwide in your individual closed freight tendering portal

Creation of spot tenders and tenders for long-term agreements in a single application in the shortest time

Invite your freight forwarders to your portal or search for new qualified transport partners in our database

Best price automatically guaranteed through bidding procedures among your selected sea freight transport partners

eFrexx is a SaaS software – no licensing costs, no installation on your servers necessary

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eFrexx simplifies freight tenders for your sea freight

Companies that regularly conduct sea freight tenders must optimize their transport processes to reduce freight costs and increase efficiency. With eFrexx, you can achieve this optimization of your sea freight tenders in no time.

The importance of efficient sea freight tendering is evident. It not only enables significant savings in freight costs for your company but also contributes to improving supply chain performance.

Utilize the features of eFrexx that help you save time and freight costs throughout the process, or strategically deploy valuable logistics resources.

Step 1:

Preparation of Sea Freight Tendering

What is the goal of your sea freight tender? Short-term freight assignments or long-term allocation of transports? With eFrexx, you get both options in one software. What specifications for freight bids do you want to give to your carriers? What transport deadlines must be adhered to? A detailed analysis of your needs forms the basis for a successful tender.

The selection of the right freight partners as carriers is a critical step in optimizing sea freight tenders. Invite your trusted freight forwarders or search in our database for companies that meet your requirements. All carriers in our database deliver qualitatively well-rated transports for at least one of our other customers.

Step 2:

Selection of the Best Transport Partners

Step 3:

Utilize Cost Efficiency for Your Transports

An important aspect of optimizing your sea transport tender is maximizing cost efficiency for freight, both in short-term (Spot) and long-term transport tenders (Contracting or Tender). You set the bid structure. The eFrexx bidding process dynamically negotiates the best freight rate. At the end of the price negotiation, you receive an instant price comparison at the push of a button.

Communication is the key to optimizing sea freight tenders. eFrexx provides a fully automated, transparent communication channel with your freight partners. All relevant information for all process participants is automatically forwarded to them instantly. Notifications for order confirmations or rejections. This relieves you from time-consuming communication efforts via email or phone.

Step 4:

Establishing Transparent Communication

Step 5:

Increase the efficiency of your sea freight tenders significantly through digitization.

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for your employees; standardized bidding specifications for sea freight tenders and the reuse of data shorten the process for sea freight by multiple times. Automated plausibility checks prevent input errors. Access data from all branches to get a comprehensive overview of transport allocations for the entire company.

Conclusion: Optimizing Your Sea Freight Tenders with eFrexx

The optimization of sea freight tenders with eFrexx is a crucial step for shippers to significantly reduce freight costs and logistics process costs while increasing the efficiency of their supply chain.

Contact us – we are happy to assist you with your optimization.

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Your questions, our answers

The eFrexx FAQ - Everything you need to know

Use standardized input forms that assist you in each step. You provide transporters with precise guidelines on how their bids for your sea freight should be structured, ensuring real-time comparability of bids, even during the tendering process.

The selection of the best freight partners starts with inviting your proven carriers. Quickly and easily invite your sea freight carriers. Additionally, research in our database for carriers that have performed well for at least one of our clients and evaluate them based on their stored profiles.

In the preparation and execution of spot or tender bids, all manual activities are eliminated, relieving your logistics staff. The entire process becomes transparent for you as the shipper, and you can check the data at any time. eFrexx handles communication with all stakeholders fully automatically for you.

You retain control over the entire bidding process. As the shipper, you determine who gets the contract.

You receive real-time data, allowing you to review your transport tender strategy at any time. Configurable graphical representations of your KPIs help you respond immediately to changes in the transport market. This proved beneficial during the pandemic and the highly volatile sea freight costs, resulting in significant savings on freight rates for our customers.

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