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The shipper-centric solution for reducing transportation costs and process expenses in logistics.

Launch and revolutionize your freight logistics

eFrexx – the best solution for your procurement of transportation services

Full control over the entire process in your closed, individual freight tendering portal

All transportation routes worldwide - both short and long-term (Spot & Contracting)

Best price guaranteed through dynamic bidding process among your selected carriers

No software licenses, book eFrexx and tender international freight within 24 hours

eFrexx is not a digital freight forwarder - but your independent SaaS application for freight tenders

Spot & Contracting - all in one SaaS application

Award short-term freights (Spot) or long-term contracts (Contracting) - eFrexx is your optimal solution for reducing transportation costs and digitizing your freight tenders.


Fully automated freight rate negotiations

Complete process control

Spot inquiries in minutes


Complex long-term tenders, quickly and easily

Standard process for tenders for all transportation routes

Automated validation

With eFrexx, you optimize your freights across all transportation modes

Maximum Performance - Maximum Feature Set

eFrexx –the comprehensive software for your transport tenders.
Our feature set for procuring transportation services provides you with all the advantages of our individual, closed shipper portals for all transportation modes

Standardized tender forms for all transportation modes. Quickly create inquiries (Spot tenders) and tenders (Contract tenders).

Find proven carriers and specialized, reliable carriers with their profiles in our database and invite them.

Uniform bid templates for freight rates ensure immediately comparable rates in real-time. Full control over the bidding process throughout the duration of the freight tender.

Flexible procedures for freight tenders. Hidden price inquiries, open tenders, or ranking – all bidding procedures offer significant savings in freight costs.

Real-time information on the status of freight tenders and rates across all branches, facilities, and locations worldwide for all transportation modes.

Monitoring across all freight tenders provides comprehensive documentation for shippers and carriers. Data evaluations ensure a tamper-proof overview.”

As individual as your company

Your "Closed Community" for your freights between you and your trusted logistics partners

Our customers' feedback on eFrexx


"We saved 26% in costs using eFrexx compared to before."

Wieland GmbH


"With eFrexx, we've optimized our daily workflow and significantly reduced the effort per tender, resulting in significant efficiency gains."

Windmöller & Hölscher GmbH

Moving forward together

At eFrexx, our employees are the key to your logistical success

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Head of Sales

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Sales Spain & Mexico

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Felix Engel


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Your questions, our answers

The eFrexx FAQ - Everything you need to know.

You gain full control over your freight tenders in your individual, closed portal. eFrexx automatically negotiates the best freight rates for you, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, the digitization process reduces operational costs, making eFrexx a cost-effective solution for you right from the start.

With eFrexx, you can flexibly create, track, and evaluate both spot tenders and long-term contract tenders in a fully digitized process, spanning all transportation modes worldwide.

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, eFrexx showcases excellent usability, as highlighted by our customers. The forms and processes for spot and contracting are optimized for shippers and carriers.

While other solutions in the market inquire about a single price from carriers, eFrexx ensures transparency and dynamism in pricing throughout the entire bidding process for all participants. This automatically leads to decreasing freight rates.

eFrexx not only allows you to request hidden bids from carriers but also supports open tenders and the ranking mode. Prices are negotiated in your favor through eFrexx during the entire duration of the tender.

The path to efficient transport logistics begins with eFrexx.
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