Create your short-term transport tenders (Spot) in minutes

Let eFrexx negotiate the best freight rates automatically for you

Spot tenders with eFrexx – Your advantages as a shipper

As a shipper, you grant access to your individually designed portal only to your employees and selected carriers. No one else has visibility into your tenders and data.

Secure significant savings on freight rates through the dynamic bidding process with competition among carriers for your spot orders or open freight.

Publish new tenders in minutes. Templates for recurring transports and optimized forms for all transportation modes – simply save time and effort!

eFrexx means no investment in software licenses for you. Your portal can be available for your onboarding within 24 hours. No installation on your servers is necessary.

Set the bidding structure! Achieve immediate, absolute comparability of bids from different transport service providers. Save yourself from follow-up questions!

Choose the best tendering method for your needs. Whether covert or the auction-style tender types, Open and Ranking – secure your cost reduction in freight rates through carrier competition.

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eFrexx categorizes short-term tenders or open freights as spot transports.

This is what eFrexx understands by spot transports or so-called open freights. The prevailing manual processes at shippers force the already heavily burdened logistics staff to pick up the phone or write emails to known carriers. They have to answer queries and follow up to see if the freight forwarders will bid. There is often not enough time to find new, cost-effective carriers.

To make the bids comparable at all, manual effort is usually required again. Shippers often have to log in to different platforms and be familiar with multiple systems.

eFrexx turns the tables!

Transport tenders remain under the control of shippers

As a shipper, you retain control over who sees your transport tenders, who is allowed to bid on your freights, how the bids should look, and whom you ultimately choose as the winner.

Especially in the case of short-term transport tenders, which we refer to as eFrexx Inquiries, significant reductions in transportation costs can be achieved.

Conduct covert, open, or ranking tenders and leverage the competition among carriers for the best achievable freight rates.

Your 'Closed Community' with proven, high-quality carriers.

You receive your own URL with your design as a freight tendering portal, fully automated to ensure real-time communication with all process participants. No more lengthy phone calls, misunderstandings, or follow-up questions.

Clear bid specifications for freight rates, uniform rate structures, and structured forms for freight with very high usability ensure the swift creation of spot tenders.

Quick invitation to proven freight forwarders.

For your transports around the world, you need the right logistics partners. Invite your existing carriers through a simple form or find additional freight forwarders in our database who have proven to perform well and offer cost-effective transportation for at least one other eFrexx customer. Whether you’re looking for road, sea, air, or rail transport, search for suitable carriers in eFrexx.

No more effort in capturing carriers.

After the invitation, freight forwarders quickly and easily register in your portal and, from that point forward, are automatically notified by eFrexx about spot tenders for which they are suitable. No more manually writing emails, no more calls. eFrexx takes over the complete communication for every process step.

You set the bidding structure for your freights.

No more manually working through various bidding formats! In your spot tenders, you set the exact structure for bids on your freights. You can specify any number of requirements in a stringent form of your choosing. Bids must adhere to your specifications, ensuring immediate comparability of freight rates at the push of a button in real-time.

No more follow-up questions and no more effort to make bids comparable. No predetermined rate sheets from carriers, but bids tailored exactly to your requirements. The time saved relieves your scarce personnel resources from these time-consuming tasks.

Competition among transport service providers in your favor

Many tendering tools offer you the possibility to obtain a price from carriers. However, a competition for the best bid among freight forwarders does not take place there.

In a manual process where you call or email freight forwarders to inquire about a freight rate, the effort is so high that a real competition often does not occur due to time constraints.

What if eFrexx automatically puts freight forwarders into competition for your transport throughout the duration of the tender? Our experience over the past years shows that it is worthwhile for our customers.

During the duration of a freight tender in your portal, freight forwarders can improve their bids at any time to secure your lucrative freight order.

Extension of the freight tender benefits you

Do you want to fully leverage the benefits of eFrexx to achieve optimized freight costs? Utilize the feature for automatic extension of your tender when good bids are submitted by your carriers in the competition just before the deadline.

As a shipper, you can define parameters for automatic extension in eFrexx, thereby obtaining even better freight rates.

Savings on freight costs for spot freight tenders.

eFrexx guarantees you, as a shipper, optimized freight costs and the best achievable freight rate for your spot tenders. The competition among transport partners and the transparency of freight pricing result in significant advantages for you as an eFrexx user in terms of transportation costs.

Time savings through the digitization of freight tenders.

eFrexx digitizes the entire process of spot freight tenders, eliminating the majority of manual tasks and time-consuming activities. With eFrexx, you relieve your scarce logistics resources from these time-consuming tasks, allowing you to finally have the time to strategically optimize logistics in your company.

Moving forward together

At eFrexx, our employees are the key to your logistical success

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Your questions, our answers

The eFrexx FAQ - Everything you need to know

Until now, on freight exchanges and other tools, all tenders were visible to all carriers. Anyone could bid, and shippers had to separate the wheat from the chaff afterward. Freight forwarders often advertise their freights to subcontractors on their own portals.

As a shipper, you have no control over who ultimately handles the transport and who has seen your data.

That’s why eFrexx offers its customers an individual portal with a unique URL and layout. Shippers alone determine who has access to the portal and who can see the data.

The proprietary portal serves as the central information hub for all shipments of a shipper. With a single login, employees and management have an overview of all transports and their freight rates worldwide across all branches.

Shippers don’t need to log into various portals of freight forwarders and painstakingly gather this information. They have their data at their fingertips in real-time.

Many providers inquire about prices from numerous freight forwarders, but that’s often where it ends. Some also offer a comparison of freight rates.

eFrexx brings transparency to the bidding process for all parties involved. Freight forwarders see their bids compared to others and can improve their bids during the tender duration. They never see who is bidding, only the ranking or the price in comparison. This competition leads to significant savings in freight costs.

No! eFrexx is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You use the application in a browser. Nothing needs to be installed on your servers. It won’t interfere with the operation of your internal applications.

eFrexx ensures uninterrupted operation in data centers in Germany and makes the application available 24/7 worldwide. Currently, eFrexx is being used for freight tenders in 28 countries globally.

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