Turn your time-consuming, long-term transport tenders into a self-running process

eFrexx saves you time and effort – reduce your workload through digitization

Tendering with eFrexx – Your benefits as a shipper

As a shipper, you determine in your individually designed portal who has access to your data. From the draft to the completion of the tender, eFrexx provides a seamless process with minimal effort

Achieve significant cost savings on freight rates through the dynamic bidding process in the competition among freight forwarders for your long-term transport agreements

Attain significant savings through seamless automation and digitalization of the tender process. Relieve your logistics resources from time-consuming manual tasks

You define bid structures and free additional fields as specifications. This ensures absolute comparability of bids from all transport service providers. No follow-up questions, no manual effort – with just one click, you gain clarity

Avoid errors through automatic plausibility and completeness checks, up- and download of tender data, and team functionalities with representation options and workflows in the process

Do you have resource constraints and no time for tendering? eFrexx takes on the job for you: Tendering as a consulting service – no need for your own resources

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Long-term freight tenders with eFrexx

In the Contracting module, eFrexx provides its digital solution for tenders on all major transportation routes worldwide. In the past, these extensive tenders involved tedious collection of data from Excel spreadsheets, paper documents, and numerous other sources.

With eFrexx, the effort is reduced to just a few clicks for you

eFrexx ensures confidentiality

Your own tendering portal in your design

No standard platform that looks the same for everyone and is freely accessible. eFrexx provides you with a ‘Closed Community’ that functions like your own website. It is your own tendering solution for freights worldwide and for all transportation modes!

eFrexx ensures that only your employees and your freight forwarders have access to the freight tenders. Misuse of your tenders is not possible.

Shippers regain control over transport tenders

Unlike almost all other providers, such as freight exchanges, our customers retain control over the entire tendering process for freights. They determine who can see their confidential data and who can bid on it.

They are not forced to accept any carrier that a provider prescribes. They decide based on their own criteria who offers the best quality for their transport.

Only invited carriers bid on your transports

Even for your often extensive tenders, you can easily and quickly invite your proven freight forwarders. Or you can select suitable transport companies for your routes from our database.

Ensure confidentiality through NDAs to keep your data secure. Get confirmation that your tender information has been read and that the freight forwarders will participate in the tender.

You can be sure that only carriers listed are those who perform well for at least one of the eFrexx customers. Because only freight forwarders with good quality have been invited and retained by our customers

From drafting a tender to completion – a seamless process in eFrexx

Use our standardized forms for manual input of smaller tenders. Or upload larger tenders into eFrexx.

Determine the rhythm of your tenders and the transportation route yourself. Automatically consider differences in data for each transportation route.


Drafting the tender


Team collaboration


Plausibility and completeness


Publishing tenders


Selecting the best bid


2nd round

Input standards
Use our standardized forms for manual entry of smaller tenders. Alternatively, upload larger tenders to eFrexx. You can also define any number of custom fields as evaluable parameters that you need for assessing freight rates. Determine the rhythm of your tenders and the transportation route yourself. Automatically consider differences in data for each transportation route. Utilize existing tenders. Create templates.
Tender drafting in a team
Collaborate on your tenders as a team – simultaneously and internationally if necessary. Distribute roles and responsibilities across the entire tender. Representation functions and automatic checks prevent data from being forgotten or work on the tender being omitted due to vacation or illness. For extensive tenders, you can upload data in a standardized form into eFrexx via Excel or interfaces to your backend systems and work on it there.
Automatic checks
eFrexx automatically checks your tender for completeness and plausibility before publication. Incomplete, unchecked tenders cannot be accidentally published. This avoids unnecessary queries and error corrections. No more misunderstandings in the bidding cycle, tremendous time savings by avoiding errors – advantages that your logistics resources will surely appreciate.
Seamless communication
Once your tender is published by you, eFrexx automatically notifies all stakeholders about the start of the tender. And throughout the tender period for all relevant changes. Fully automated. No phone calls, no sending of documents by email or post. Invited carriers log in to your portal and bid in the competition that eFrexx starts with carriers for you. Tender data is available for carriers to download for bidding. The Excel format is the minimum standard here as well. Direct integrations with carriers' backend systems are possible. The bids are then uploaded again and available to you as the shipper for real-time evaluation.
Selecting the best bid
During the freight tender, an unlimited number of bids can be submitted by the transport partners. Transparent competition among the carriers results in decreasing bids throughout the duration, leading to significant savings in freight costs for the shippers. At the end of the tender, all bids are available for real-time evaluation at the click of a button. No lengthy work to make bids from carriers comparable. The stringent bidding structure you set ensures absolute comparability of freight rates down to individual bid lines.
2nd round
After evaluating a tender, you can initiate a second round with selected carriers using eFrexx to find the best transportation partner for long-term bids. Reduce the circle of bidders and restart the tender based on the best offer.

Save yourself from high manual, time-consuming effort

The extremely labor-intensive tendering process is significantly shortened through digitalization with eFrexx. Capture data with standardized forms for all relevant transport routes, up- and download of data, reproduction of past tenders at the push of a button, fully automated communication between all parties involved, real-time tender history data, graphical representations, and evaluations – all functionalities that greatly relieve your scarce logistics resources

Competent support for your tenders through eFrexx Consulting

Are your own resources overloaded? Then get support from the specialists at eFrexx. We take over the entire tendering process from creating the tender to evaluation, providing you with an efficient basis for decision-making. Contact us to learn more.

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Your questions, our answers

The eFrexx FAQ - Everything you need to know

Whether you want to tender for trucking services for all postal code areas for a year, sea freight for the route Hamburg to all Chinese ports, or your entire air freight to all destinations in the USA – with eFrexx, you can tender for and automatically negotiate contracts of any complexity.

No! While it might make sense for smaller tenders, for the significantly more complex dimensions of international tenders, eFrexx naturally provides a convenient up- and download of data. As the smallest common denominator, the Excel format is used. Deeper integrations are accomplished through standard interfaces or individually through our integration platform with numerous options.

During the drafting phase of a contract tender, it is indeed possible to work with multiple employees, even at different locations, on a tender. eFrexx ensures monitoring of all steps in the process and incorporates built-in checks to prevent any omissions and ensure correctness.

During the tendering process, eFrexx provides you with real-time information. After the tender concludes, all bids are available to you in a completely comparable format with just one click. You can make the final selection or, if desired, enter a second round of tendering with some of the transport partners to negotiate even better freight rates.

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