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Logistics Consulting – Our Expertise for Your Transport Tenders

eFrexx is not a freight forwarding company

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Logistics Consulting - Our Expertise for Your Transport Tenders

In addition to the SaaS solution for freight tenders, eFrexx also provides expert consulting for optimizing your tender processes. Our consultants have extensive experience in freight and transportation, advising clients on all aspects related to freight tenders. Our consultants take our motto 'We focus on the benefits of shippers' more than literally.

Short-Term Freight Tenders (Spot)

Our logistics consultants take charge of training your staff during the onboarding of new clients. Quickly and efficiently, they ensure that you can tender your transports worldwide in no time. They guide you on how to effectively leverage the advantages of eFrexx compared to other providers. From inviting your trusted carriers, searching our database for additional transport partners, to evaluating the data after the tender completion, our team is there to support you.

Long-Term Freight Tenders (Contracting)

Even for the Contracting module, our consultants take on the training of your staff to make the complex tendering process as effective as possible. Due to the complexity of previous tender processes conducted without eFrexx, our specialists assist you in the entire creation and execution of your tenders. Relieve your limited logistics resources – we can take on the entire job on your behalf if you so desire.

Training and Onboarding of Your Carriers

eFrexx also takes care of onboarding and training for your carriers, helping you with the integration of transport partners. Any reservations are addressed, and the benefits for the logistics providers, as confirmed by our registered transport service providers, are highlighted.

Support During the Use of eFrexx

Our consultants remain your direct points of contact even after onboarding, available for any questions or when new employees need training. You are familiar with your consultant, and they are acquainted with your individual aspects in the transport process and your freight tenders. No prolonged discussions – solve the problem and move forward.

Contact Person for New Requirements

The logistics consultants are also your primary contacts when you have new requirements for existing functions. Whether you want to add completely new features or modules, talk to your consultant, and we will analyze the requirements.

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